Established in 1998, Cauley Ferrari opened its doors in West Bloomfield, MI. A brand new 14,000 sq. ft. facility was designed and constructed with inspiration directly from the manufacturer's headquarters in Maranello, Italy. In late 2015, we broke ground on a very extensive expansion and state of the art remodel to our existing building, thus bringing the our dealership even more on the leading edge of style and innovative design. Over the years we have earned a reputation as one of the premier Ferrari dealers in North America and are recognized for our passion and quality, not only that of our cars but of our clients too. In 2003, we were graced with the presence of Sergio Pininfarina, the famous Ferrari designer, as he performed an extremely special delivery of our Ferrari Enzo supercars to their new owners right in our showroom. We pride ourselves on the fact that every Ferrari we order is highly unique due to both our creative influence and the adventurous taste of our clients. We offer a very fine selection of Ferrari Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that have all been extensively inspected and perfected to be worthy of our great reputation. It is truly an honor to be representing the world’s finest automotive brand right here in the Motor City. Even more so, it is quite exciting that we have the pleasure of having the Ferrari Chairman, Mr. Sergio Marchionne, with his home base right here in Metro Detroit. We invite you to stop by our dealership and have a look around. We look forward to earning your business.


Jeff Cauley
Owner/General Manager
248.538.9600 x.200
Founded Cauley Ferrari in December, 1998
Favorite Ferrari: Dino

Already established in the Detroit area as a successful car dealership owner, Jeff founded Cauley Ferrari in 1998. His passion for high performance has been the guiding force behind the dealerships many successes. Whether speaking about Ferraris or about his commitment to quality customer relations, the focus on performance is always present. Also an accomplished racer, he and his son Joe have been racing and winning in local and regional races for a number of years. This commitment, discipline and drive have served as the strong foundation for a solid business.

Joe Cauley
Sales Manager
248.538.9600 x.260
Start Date with Cauley: May, 2009
Favorite Ferrari: F50

After completing his education in automotive marketing and with growing up around the business, it was natural for Joe to step in and help contribute to the team. Joe is responsible for the current marketing, advertising, and web presence for Cauley Ferrari in both print and digital platforms seen around the nation. His experience in road course racing makes him feel right at home amongst all the high performance machines built by Ferrari.

Tom Shugars
Ferrari Sales Specialist
248.538.9600 x.210
Start Date with Cauley: August, 2014
Favorite Ferrari: 250 GTO

In the world of Ferrari, it’s all about networking. Tom is one of those guys that is instantly liked by everyone and full of great conversation. With a strong background in sales, combined with his passion and enthusiasm for the Ferrari Brand, Tom is a fantastic element to our sales team. He is also a big motorcycle fan, primarily for the fellow Italian brand of Ducati.

Steve Lathrop
Office Manager
248.538.9600 x.202
Start Date with Cauley: The Beginning

With plenty of years experience managing a Chevrolet store for Jeff Cauley, Steve took on the office manager role at Ferrari once the franchise was obtained. Steve handles all the critical behind the scenes work that is needed to keep our business running straight. In his spare time, Steve is an avid boater and enjoys the open water.

Sieglinde Espenshade
Ferrari Sales Specialist
248.538.9600 x.217
Start Date with Cauley: December, 2014
Favorite Ferrari: 458 Speciale
Sieglinde has quickly become a huge asset for us with her great passion for Ferrari and attention to detail. Her enthusiasm for the brand can easily be detected in every conversation. Your buying experience with be first class with her and we are confident that you’ll be part of the Ferrari Outside of Ferrari, she is a motorcycle enthusiast primarily of Ducati. Sieglinde will always go the extra mile and make sure your Ferrari experience is the best it can be!

Joe Abernethy
Service Manager
248.538.9600 x.215
Start Date with Cauley: The Beginning
Favorite Ferrari: F40

With his previous Ferrari background, Joe was a perfect fit to bring on board when establishing the Ferrari franchise. His service knowledge and expertise combined with his management skills, is what keeps our service department among the top in the nation. Joe has guided us to achieve countless accolades and top customer satisfaction scores year after year.

Bob Reid
Parts Manager
248.538.9600 x.213
Start Date with Cauley: June, 2009
Favorite Ferrari: 599 GTO

Bob provides a wealth of support to the team in all shapes and sizes. He currently wears multiple hats of parts inventory management, transport operator, service writing assistant, and much more. Bob has a long standing passion for motorsports and is actually a racer himself, which makes him fit right in with the world of Ferrari and its racing background.

Chris Luna
Transport Driver & Service Assistant
248.538.9600 x.215
Start Date with Cauley: August, 2014
Favorite Ferrari: California

Chris has many years of experience in transporting and towing vehicles. His attention to detail makes the perfect attribute for the level of care involved in transporting a Ferrari. Your vehicle will be I great care with Chris every step of the way. When not on the road, Chris also helps maintain our shop to keep everything looking great and running smooth.

Tim Hyland
Certified Ferrari Master Technician
248.538.9600 x.218
Start Date with Cauley: August, 2001
Favorite Ferrari: 308 GTSi

Not only is Tim an amazing Ferrari technician but he is also a proud Ferrari owner of a 1980 308 GTSi. He injects his passion for the brand into every service job he gets making sure that it leaves in perfect running condition. Tim’s specialty is in the latest OBD2 electronics that are employed on all the latest vehicles. He also has extensive of service experience on all types exotic vehicles.

Bob Parks
Certified Ferrari Master Technician
248.538.9600 x.214
Start Date with Cauley: February, 2004
Favorite Ferrari: 599 GTO

Bob has the proud honor of wearing the Certified Master Ferrari Technician title as a result of his experience level and completion of Ferrari’s rigorous education program. His knowledge ranges from the 1960’s Ferrari 330s all the way to the very current model line-up, and knows every square inch of them too. Many times in the summer we will find Bob riding to work not in a Ferrari, but rather on a Ferrari… bicycle that is.

Tim Skardoutos
Certified Ferrari Technician
248.538.9600 x.214
Start Date with Cauley: December 2012
Favorite Ferrari: 458 Spider

Tim has a very extensive background in aftermarket performance modifications and is extremely talented with his skills. He always seems to have some high horsepower project muscle car as special build outside of work. Since Tim is all about performance, he fits right in with the high caliber of performance that Ferrari builds into each one of their cars. Tim is the kind of guy that will never say no to more power.

Kim Shaw
Assistant Office Manager
248.538.9600 x.209
Start Date with Cauley: October, 2001

Kim is driving force that keeps this place running. She always has the answer to our questions and if she doesn’t know she will figure it out. Kim handles all of our billing, payroll, receivables, payables, and much more. She is always quick to fill in when extra help is needed. Outside of work, she loves playing volleyball and is involved in multiple games and tournaments each week.

Mark Hubbard
Collision Center – Manager
248.538.9600 x.460
Start Date with Cauley: July 2013

Quickly Upon his arrival, Mark raised the bar in our collision center and really drives the best out of our team. He has a huge passion for Ferrari and all performance cars including some of his own special cars that he builds at home. Off the job, Mark is an avid outdoors man and loves going up north during hunting season.

Tedd Moraitis
Collision Center – Service & Parts Manager
248.538.9600 x.463
Start Date with Cauley: The Beginning

Not only does Tedd have an extensive mechanical background but he also has continually trained himself with the latest technology. Tedd has evolved into our “Go-To” guy for any of our IT and computer needs. He seems to always have the answer to any problem we may have. Customers love working with him and know that their car is in good hands with Tedd.

Austin Speer
Marketing, Events, and Merchandise
248.538.9600 x.211
Start Date with Cauley: October, 2016

Austin’s main passion is photography which aligns nicely with the stunning Ferrari models which are perfect for photographing. Austin handles all our marketing efforts and social media platforms. He also manages all our Ferrari apparel and merchandise so be sure to see him for all your latest Ferrari gear. Austin is incredibly outgoing and helpful and will surely assist you in whatever needs you may have.