Corso Pilota

Circuit Mont-Tremblant - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Circuit of the Americas - Austin, Texas


Now available at two premium tracks in North America, Ferrari Corso Pilota is an exclusive two day precision driving school that allows Ferrari Owners and their guests to experience the performance of a Ferrari in the controlled environment of a race track. Offered since 2006 in Québec Canada and now in Austin, Texas, these courses are based on the Corso Pilota programs available in Italy.

During the two-day program, participants will experience the thrill of this state-of-the-art, 3.4- mile circuit track that offers 133 feet of elevation change. It not only hosts the most prestigious racing events in the world, it is the only F1A-certified grade track in the U.S. Participants will learn various driving techniques including threshold braking, weight transfer, managing acceleration, identifying the ideal driving line on track and discovering the limits of vehicle adhesion in both wet and dry driving situations.

Although the setting is a race track, Ferrari Corso Pilota is not a racing school. The focus is on learning to drive and control a Ferrari properly and to understand and communicate with the vehicle. Graduates are then better prepared to face challenging driving situations with an enhanced sense of awareness and greater precision. The school takes a step-by-step approach that starts with an important discussion of vehicle dynamics, or why cars behave the way they do. Skills are progressively developed before participants lap the complete race track.

For more information about Corso Pilota please contact Sieglinde at Cauley Ferrari, or call 248.538.9600